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Whole Home Nanofiltration System Water is an essential part of everyday life. Ensure the water in your home is free from dangerous impurities that can be found in your water supply, with a Whole Home Nanofiltration System. Your water may look clean, but all well, lake, and municipal water supplies contain dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that pose a risk to your health. From PFAS (also known as “forever" chemicals) to bacteria, tannins, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and more, your water contains numerous impurities that can lead to adverse health effects. Excalibur Water Systems manufactures the best water treatment and purification systems to create a Whole Home Nanofiltration System, which provides the highest quality water to your entire home. Enjoy the benefits that come with drinking, bathing, and cooking with purified water, with a system that has been customized to your family's needs.

What is Nanofiltration? Nanofiltration is one of four membrane technologies that can be used to create clean, pure water. Energy is applied to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, which rejects 95% of dissolved and suspended solids. The nanofiltration process utilizes a high flux rate, so fewer membranes are required for operation in your home. The membrane allows the passage of water molecules while rejecting chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and more. Since hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium are removed in the nanofiltration process, water that passes through the membrane is softened. Total Dissolved Solids Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is a measurement of the total amount of dissolved inorganic compounds in water. TDS is made up of chemicals and heavy metals as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorides, and carbonates. Where Do Contaminants Come From? Unnatural levels of TDS can accumulate in well, lake, and municipal water because of human activity. Since water dissolves more substances than other liquids, it is particularly vulnerable to contamination. Some water sources are contaminated naturally from organic sources like rocks, soil, and decaying vegetation, while other contaminants are manmade. Residential, industrial, and agricultural activities all release toxic substances into the environment, which enter lakes, streams, and oceans. These substances range from PFAS ("forever" chemicals) and radioactive waste, to pesticides and pharmaceuticals. All these contaminants can have a negative impact on the environment, like the creation of blue-green algae blooms, which can only be removed through the process of reverse osmosis or nanofiltration. Ingesting these contaminants can lead to both acute and chronic health effects including cancer. NANOFILTRATION

95% Removal Rate Up to The Nanofiltration Process The Whole Home Nanofiltration System utilizes reliable, highperformance nanofiltration membrane technology to provide the best water to your entire home. This system removes a large majority of contaminants from your water by pushing the water through a semi-permeable nanofiltration membrane. When feed water enters the system, water molecules can pass through the small pores of the membrane, while chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants are rejected and sent to drain. The water that passes through the nanofiltration membrane is clean and pure, with 95% of contaminants having been removed in the nanofiltration process. The Whole Home Nanofiltration System removes: Cadmium Sulfates Phosphate Bacteria Pharmaceuticals Blue-Green Algae + and many more Lead Fluoride Sodium Barium Viruses Pesticides Mercury Chlorine Uranium Hydrocarbons Chromium Cyanide

Whole Home Nanofiltration System Steps: Pre and post filters are incorporated along with the nanofiltration system itself to protect the membrane(s) and provide the highest quality water throughout your household. Each system is customized to meet your family's specific water needs to provide the best water for your home or business. Filtration Custom Engineered To Your Specific Application Based on a water analysis, additional filtration may be used as a pretreatment to protect the TFC (Thin Film Composite) high purity membrane(s), giving it a longer life. Neutralizing Filter A PH balanced neutralizing filter is used after the nanofiltration system. Pre-treatment Post-treatment With soft, pure water, the life of your water-using appliances will be extended and plumbing issues due to mineral buildup in your pipes will be prevented Hard water problems like mineral buildup on fixtures and appliances, cloudy glassware, and dull/stiff clothing are no longer a problem 75% of wastewater is recycled, providing significant cost savings Save up to 24% on energy costs Benefits To Your Home A Whole Home Nanofiltration System not only offers you a variety of health benefits from the consumption of pure water, it also provides benefits to your home itself, such as:

Chlorine Chloramines THM's Volatile Organic Compounds Dissolved Iron Filtration & Ion Exchange What Do These Systems Remove? The Whole Home Nanofiltration System removes 95% of contaminants such as chemicals, heavy metals and organics from your water supply. Most contaminants in your water won't cause acute health effects but they will lead to adverse chronic effects like cancer, liver and kidney problems, and reproductive issues. Lead PFAS "Forever" Chemicals Chlorine Chloramines Insecticides/pesticides Herbicides Nitrates Antibiotics/pharmaceuticals Magnesium (hard water mineral) Calcium (hard water mineral) Nanofiltration System Ammonia PCB'S Benzene Zinc Silver Nickel Copper Uranium Blue-Green Algae + many more Neutralizing Filter Neutralizes PH for the best quality water Iron Sulphur Tannins Arsenic Maganese

Helps to prevent against a number of ailments like cancer, and liver/kidney problems Purified water tastes delicious Perfect water for drinking cooking, coffee, ice cubes etc. Benefits To Your Body Up to 80% of the human adult body is water. It's something we all use and consume every day, whether that be when we drink a glass of water, take a shower, or wash vegetables before dinner. Contaminants present in your water supply can enter your body through ingestion, or absorption when showering/bathing. With water being such an integral part of our everyday lives, it's crucial that the water in your home is clean and pure. Having a Whole Home Nanofiltration System in your home has a number of benefits such as: Choose Excalibur The Whole Home Nanofiltration System provides the highest quality water to your entire home. Enjoy the benefits that come with having purified water in your home, made by systems that are customized to your family's needs and backed by the best warranties in the water treatment industry. Contact Excalibur today for your customized Whole Home Nanofiltration System.

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