Excalibur Smart Purifier™ Plus Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

EXCALIBUR - SMART PURIFIER™ PLUS Quality through innovation Canadian Manufacturer

2 YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY Smart Purifier™ PLUS is our most advanced tankless RO system yet. This system is equipped with a carbon filter and membrane technology to provide both filtered and purified water. The unit is tankless, supplying on-demand water and continuous flow. The faucet also provides an outgoing TDS reading while allowing consumers the choice between filtered and purified water. The system light indicates when the filter and membrane needs to be replaced, and the 2 -Stage quick connect filter and membrane provide an easy set-up and installation. Smart Purifier™ PLUS Tankless Reverse Osmosis System www.excaliburwater.com Continuous water quality monitoring Faucet that provides an outgoing TDS reading. Removes 99.5% of contaminants Simple Install and Set-up Part # 1st Stage L x W x H (in) EWR 301000 Sediment / Carbon 16" x 5.5" x 17" 2 Stage Quick Connect Filter Easy to Replace Provides Both Drinking & Purified Water Water on Demand + Large Flow Rate Better Pump = Low Noise *excluding consumables 2nd Stage Membrane

Smart Purifier™ PLUS fits right under your sink. How Reverse Osmosis Works: Reverse Osmosis is the process that removes solid substances, minerals, and foreign contaminants from unfiltered or tap water. The reverse osmosis process eliminates chemicals, sediment, and inorganic materials like chlorine, salts, and minerals, also known as TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. As pollution increases, more chemical contaminants are seeping into our water supply, such as pesticides, PFAS, cleaning products, and even pharmaceuticals requiring enhanced filtration to ensure the cleanest, purest and safest water available. Reverse Osmosis is the most common and affordable way to transform tap water into high-quality purified drinking water. Many popular store-bought bottled water companies use reverse osmosis technology to purify their bottled water. Additional Features: This is a tankless reverse osmosis system, saves you space For every gallon of water this reverse osmosis system produces, only one gallon is sent to drain. Quick connect filter & membrane are easy to replace Provides both drinking and purified water on demand Continuous flow Simple install and set-up System light indicates when to replace filter & membrane Requires electricity to operate cUL certified

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