Excalibur Filtermax™ Arsenic Filter

Arsenic is a highly poisonous and toxic chemical found in some drinking water supplies, including wells. As arsenic is both tasteless and odorless, you won't be able to tell if this dangerous carcinogen is present in your drinking water unless you get it tested. The Filtermax™ Arsenic Filter removes 99% of arsenic from your water, providing safe water for you and your family. Filtermax™ Arsenic Filter High flow control valve to satisfy all household demands www.excaliburwater.com Part # 2 YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY Removes 99% of arsenic from your water supply Low voltage 12 VAC utilizing less than $3/year in electricity Chemical free system No filter cartridges needed Electronic timer for automatic regeneration Pressure (psi) Temperature (°F) L x W x H (in) Flow Rate (gpm) 40-110 40-110 40-110 40-110 40-110 40-110 5 7.5 10 10" x 18" x 56" 11" x 18" x 62" 13" x 18" x 60" EWS BTPAR1S EWS BTPAR1.5S EWS BTPAR2S