Excalibur Filtermax™ Nitrates Filter

Methemoglobinemia (Blue Baby Syndrome) Increased heart rate/decreased blood pressure Stomach cramping/vomiting Gastrointestinal complications Increased risk of cancer What are Nitrates? Nitrate is a compound that is formed naturally when nitrogen combines with oxygen or ozone. Nitrate is a non-toxic compound, however, when it is reduced to nitrite by bacteria in the stomach, it can decrease the body's ability to transport oxygen. This can lead to many negative health effects, especially in infants and children. Longterm exposure to nitrates through your drinking water supply can cause: Where Do Nitrates Come From? Nitrates can enter your water supply naturally, though high levels of nitrates are most often found in well water supplies due to human activity. Residential, industrial, and agricultural activities such as overuse of fertilizers and improper waste disposal can all cause nitrates to enter your water supply. Choose Excalibur The Filtermax™ Nitrates Filter is controlled by a computerized chip that is programmed with the levels of nitrates and continuously monitors water usage patterns. It economically regenerates only as needed, and ensures you have nitrate-free water throughout your entire home 24/7. Contact Excalibur Water Systems today for a free water test! Note: All water hardness, iron and hydrogen sulphide must be removed prior to the Filtermax™ Nitrates Filter.