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Excalibur 1230C-AW Granular Activated Carbon

Excalibur 1230C-AW granular activated carbon media

Excalibur 1230C-AW is a virgin granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell char through a high temperature steam activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, excellent pore volume and chemical stability that make it ideal for many liquid phase applications. Finally, the product is acid-washed to reduce ash and enhance purity. 

Meets or exceeds all US Food Chemical CODEX standards. California Prop 65 compliant.


US Standard Sieve Mesh Size 12x30 (1.70 mm – 0.60 mm)
>12 mesh (1.70mm), % 5 maximum
<30 mesh (0.425mm), % 4 maximum
Iodine Number, (mg/g) 1100 minimum
Carbon Tetrachloride Activity, % 60 minimum
Hardness Number, (Ball-Pan) 98 minimum
Moisture (as packed), % 5 maximum
Total Ash, % 1 maximum

Typical Properties

Apparent density, (g/cc) .50
BET Surface Area, (m²/g) 1100
pH 7

Standard packing is 25kg (55-lb) bags or 500kg (1100-lb) bulk sacks. All test methods are ASTM procedures were applicable 

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