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Excalibur 1240C-S Granular Activated Carbon

Excalibur 1240C-S granular activated carbon media

Excalibur 1240C-S is a virgin granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell char under stringent quality control through a high temperature steam activation process with proprietary kiln gases that enhance the natural catalytic capability to a high level. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, excellent pore volume and chemical stability to make it ideal for liquid phase applications that require catalytic properties for optimal performance. 

Excels at monochloramine and sulphur removal from potable water. California Prop 65 compliant.


US Standard Sieve Mesh Size 12x40 (1.70 mm – 0.425 mm)
>12 mesh (1.70mm), % 5 maximum
<40 mesh (0.425mm), % 4 maximum
Iodine Number, (mg/g) 1000 minimum
Carbon Tetrachloride Activity, % 55 minimum
Hardness Number, (Ball-Pan) 98 minimum
Moisture (as packed), % 4 maximum
Total Ash, % 3 maximum
Catalytic Activity,°C 20 minimum

Typical Properties

Apparent density, (g/cc) .52
BET Surface Area, (m²/g) 1050

Standard packing is 14kg (31.5-lb) bags or 500kg (1100-lb) bulk sacks. All test methods are ASTM procedures were applicable. 

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