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Zentec™ Hybrid Alusil MR1 Heavy Metal Removal Media

Zentec hybrid alusil MR1 heavy metal removal media

Zentec™ Hybrid Alusil MR1 is constructed of a special aluminosilicate that contains a unique surface chemistry and a unique pore structure. The pores of the Zentec™ Alusil MR1 are between 100 and 250 Angstrom, where metal ions can be grabbed and pulled into the network of narrow pores and held inside irreversibly. 

To further explain the reaction, the incoming heavy metal ions including lead situate themselves within the Zentec™ Hybrid Alusil MR1 pore. The group of surrounding framework, called tetrahedrons, twist slightly closing in the heavy metal ions including lead like a camera shutter.

That movement optimizes the distance between the heavy metal ions including lead and the oxygen atoms, enhancing the strength of the bond.

The tetrahedrons move as a unit, which requires much less energy than rearranging the individual atoms. The flexibility of the framework of the Zentec™ Hybrid Alusil MR1 allows the heavy metal ions including lead to come from all directions, similar to a diffusion mechanism, which creates turbulence of liquid movement within the pores and channels.

Zentec™ Hybrid Alusil MR1 is a food grade media. US FDA lists it as a food additive. It is very stable in a pH range from 5.5 to 10 and will not be affected in heavy metal reduction by the presence of calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, cadmium, sodium or chlorides in drinking water. Zentec Hybrid Alusil MR1 reduces heavy metals concentration from 250 PPB to less than 10 PPB.

For further technical information, please contact our Product Development Department.

100% Freeboard
45lb per cu/ft
Media not dry – moist

Product Applications:
Widely used for drinking water.

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