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Whole Home Nanofiltration System

Excalibur Nanofiltration System
Whole Home High Purity Water

Whole Home Nanofiltration System

The Whole Home Nanofiltration System removes chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, and harmful blue-green algae blooms (HABs) making all the water in your home high purity at every tap in your house! 

This system will remove high levels of chemicals, sodium, lead, iron, sulphur, and many other contaminants – up to 95%, giving you safe, clean water for better health. The nanofiltration process also utilizes a high flux rate, requiring fewer membranes for operation in your home, and also removes hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium, providing softer water.

Download the Excalibur Whole Home Nanofiltration System brochure for more information.

Five steps to high purity water for your home...

Excalibur Premium Chemical Removal Filter

Step 1 - Filtration Engineered To Your Specific Application

Based on a water analysis, additional filtration may be used as a pretreatment to protect the TFC (Thin Film Composite) high purity nanofiltration membranes, giving them longer life.  

Excalibur Nanofiltration System

Step 2 - Commercial Nanofiltration System

Removes chemicals, heavy metals, and organics that reduce the TDS (total dissolved solids) producing high purity water.  

Excalibur Whole Home Nanofiltration System tank

Step 3 - Holding Tank

Holding tank for high purity water that will be sent to your household. 

Excalibur Whole Home Nanofiltration System Dab Pump

Step 4 - Repressurization Pump

Provides high purity water to your household on demand. 

Excalibur Premium Neutralizing Filter

Step 5 - Neutralizing Filter

A PH balanced neutralizing filter is used after the nanofiltration system.

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