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Excalibur Zentec™ Infinity

Excalibur Zentec Infinity resin

Excalibur Zentec™ Infinity Resin is engineered for the removal of hardness, tannins, iron, manganese, and sulphur.

This filtration media was specially designed as a universal media for removal of the most common contaminants found in potable water. 

There are many treatment options on the market, but none has the unique ability to offer the high capacity and long life of our multi-component water treatment media.



Resin contains a significant percentage of a high capacity, uniform particle size strong acid cation softening resin.


Media contains a chelation media able to oxidize metals in solution. Metal ions are oxidized as they pass the chelation media. The resulting metal-oxide nano-particles are then trapped in the resin bed. The metal-oxide nano-particles are removed with each regeneration while the chemical locked inside the ion exchange is re-charged for the next service cycle. 

Hydrogen sulfide

The same chelation media that oxidizes metals in solution will also oxidize hydrogen sulfide, enabling it to be removed with this one-step media. 

Organics, tannins, and lignins

Multiple media are included in order to address the wide range of organics found in North American waters. Organics, tannins and lignins are difficult to remove species and a combination of resins is employed to accomplish this task. 


All resins are regenerated with a standard 10% brine solution. 

Working media

All components have measurable ion exchange capacity making every component a “working media”. 

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