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Water Hardness Solutions for Well Water

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Soft water means...

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Soft water saves you money...

In washing machines, detergent use can be cut by 50% and cold water can be used instead of hot.
In dishwashers, softened water can cut detergent use by up to 70%.
Water heaters can consume up to 22% less energy with soft water.

Doing laundry in soft water has proved significantly more effective than doing laundry in hard water, no matter how much soap or detergent is used. The principle is much the same as it is with skin care; hard water combines with the ingredients of soap and detergents to form a dulling curd on clothing, one that holds soil in the fabric, shielding it from removal. It causes clothing to look dingy, grayed, or yellowed, to mat or stiffen with repeated washings. Fibers may deteriorate, wearing out at a faster rate. Nothing looks really clean; nothing is really clean! 

Studies have proven that softened water cuts the time required for housecleaning from almost 4 hours to less than 2 1/2 hours! With soft water, a quick rinse or once-over wiping cleans sinks, tubs, shower tiles, and plumbing fixtures – no more hard water soap scum to scour and scrub (no more harsh chemicals, either). Floors, windows, and woodwork clean better with soft water, too.

Water Softening Systems

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