Excalibur Zentec™ Infinity Hybrid Filtration System

WATER CONTAMINANTS REMOVED UTILIZING ZENTEC INFINITY FILTRATION Tannins Tannins are formed upon the decomposition of vegetation. These compounds are large molecular weight organics that fall under two large primary categories: Humic acids and Fulvic acids. The structure of the tannin varies, depending on the plant life in a given area. Tannins can cause a yellow to brown cast in water and may also impart a taste and odor. They will generally be found in surface water supplies or shallow wells. Manganese Manganese causes dark brown to black stains on plumbing fixtures. Manganese contributes to soap curd. Fabrics washed in manganese-bearing waters are almost invariably stained black. An unpleasant taste and appearance in coffee, tea, and other beverages can be caused by manganese. Manganese deposits can collect in plumbing. Tap water frequently contains a black sediment and turbidity. It can cause the water to have a black appearance. As little as 0.05 ppm manganese in the water supply causes complaints. Zentec Infinity Hybrid Your One Step Solution! Providing clean, clear filtered water removing ferrous iron, hyrdogen sulfide, manganese, hardness and tannins. ZENTEC INFINITY HYBRID FILTRATION SYSTEM Zentec Infinity Hybrid Filtration was engineered for the removal of common contaminants found in lakes or water wells, such as water hardness, tannins, ferrous (clear water) iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (that rotten egg smell). This new North American technology provides a simple solution utilizing an electronic metered high efficiency fully automatic whole house filter with service flow rates up to 6 gpm. Iron Because 5% of the earth’s crust is iron, it is not surprising that many surface and wells contain it in various amounts. It takes just a trace amount of iron to cause problems: as little as .2 ppm can stain plumbing, fixtures, and laundry. In larger amounts, water can become rust colored and have a metallic taste. Iron can coat the insides of pipes with hard, red scale, which reduces flow rates and plugs filter screens. Hardness Hard water contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium — two minerals that cause the soapy scum on glasses and lime residue on bathroom fixtures. Hard water can cause mineral build-up in water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and showerheads, reducing its flow. Hydrogen Sulfide Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally occurring gas that causes an odor that can be described as a rotten egg smell. At high concentrations, it will oxidize in the water when it is released from a faucet and will cause a black stain. Concentrations as low as .5 ppm can be detected by smell and as little as .5 ppm hydrogen sulfide is detectable by taste in drinking water.