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Chlorination Disinfection System

A Chlorination system is an effective way to treat problem water in a rural application.

A Chlorination system is an effective way to treat problem water in a rural application.

Chlorination is the treatment process in which a chlorine solution is added to water to disinfect, kill bacteria, and treat a wide array of problem water needs.

Chlorination is also used in the oxidation of iron, manganese, and sulphur impurities. The addition of chlorine to our drinking water will greatly reduce the risk of waterborne diseases.

Although other disinfectants are available, chlorine remains the choice of many water treatment experts. Chlorine is economical to purchase and is readily available. A Chlorination system will provide clean safe water for your household.


  • The chlorine concentration will be adjusted by the percentage control on the chemical feed pump as required to provide proper disinfection in your water supply.
  • Chlorine concentration injection from 0 -16 gallons per day by the chemical feed pump. The typical setting is from .5 ppm to 1 ppm or higher based on the bacteria level in your water supply.
  • Available chlorine solution tanks in 15 & 35 gallon c/w child resistant enclosure with easy to read gallons/litres scale.
  • Retention/contact tanks are required for the proper contact time that provides chlorine disinfection. Usually a 120 gallon retention tank is required which allows 20 minutes of contact time at 6 gpm maximum flow.
  • If higher flow rates are required you must add additional retention/contact tanks.

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