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Excalibur Zentec Aqua Hybrid Ozone Filtration System

Zentec™ Hybrid Ozone Continuous Injection Filtration Chemical-Free

Zentec™ Hybrid Ozone Filtration was designed to solve water concerns commonly found in lakes and water wells.

In lakes, you will see the water changing from clear to brownish color caused by acid rain decomposing vegetation causing the change in lake water known as tannins, also a form of bacteria.

Also, in water wells, you will see iron, hydrogen sulfide (that rotten egg smell), and manganese, including iron and sulfur bacteria.

These water problems can be solved with Zentec™ Hybrid Ozone Filtration, which utilizes our continuous ozone and filtration injection system, providing clean, clear filtered water.

Zentec™ Hybrid Ozone Continuous Injection Filter Systems

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