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Water Filtration Solutions for Municipal Water

Municipal Water Treatment Solutions
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Choose Safe, Clean Water

The safety and health of your family means everything! The quality of water that is consumed and utilized in your household may be compromised with dangerous and volatile chemicals that could potentially put your family members at great risk.

Chemical Contamination

Volatile and organic chemicals are dissolved in any water supply either municipal or rural (water wells). Chemicals can cause serious health issues and should be removed from your working, cooking and bathing water supply. 

An Excalibur Whole House Water Filtration System removes Chloramines, Chlorine, THM’s, Volatile industrial Chemicals, Lead, and all other heavy metals from your water supply providing safe clean water for you and your family.

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Lead in Drinking Water

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Lead is present in low levels in all municipal water supplies and can be elevated while travelling through materials like lead pipes causing major health issues and concerns.

An Excalibur Lead Removal System can take out lead content from your water supply, providing safe filtered water.

Water Filtration Systems

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