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Excalibur Softening C800

Excalibur softening C800 resin

Aldex C-800 water softening resin sodium form is manufactured in Canada using no chlorinated solvents and is NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 44 Certified. 

Aldex C-800 is a high capacity, high quality, gel-type cation resin capable of meeting the most exacting requirements of household, commercial, and institutional water softeners for hard water removal. It is supplied in the sodium form as dark amber colored translucent beads in 1 cubic foot bags.


No Chlorinated Solvents

The absence of chlorinated solvents in the manufacturing of Aldex C-800 results in very low TOC leakage.

Very low color, taste or odour

Aldex C-800 meets the requirements for paragraph 173.25 of the Food Additive Regulation of the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration. 

High Capacity

30,000 grains of softening capacity when regenerated with 15 lbs of NaCl per cubic. ft. and 20,000 grains with 6 lbs of NaCl per cubic.ft. ensuring high efficiency and low operating costs. 

Long Life

Strong and durable beads insure long service life. 


Over 34 years of actual field usage by thousands of customers demonstrate the reliability of Water Softening Resin Aldex C-800. 

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