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Premium Zentec™ Hybrid Capsulate Enhanced Ozone Chemical-Free Iron, Sulphur, and Manganese Filter

This system combines a chemical-free iron, sulphur, and manganese filter with an ozone injection system.

The Premium Zentec™ Enhanced Ozone Capsulate Filter eliminates staining, discoloured water, and unwanted smells from your water and utilizes ozone injection to eliminate iron and sulphur bacteria, providing clean filtered water.


  • Fully programmable electronic control valve
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable time cycles for best results
  • Chrome sweat jacket and black cap
  • Uses less than $3.00 per year to operate 12 volt
  • High flow control valve for premium backwashing
  • Includes ozone injection system
  • Iron, manganese and sulphur removed up to 10ppm
  • Removes all iron and sulphur reducing bacteria
  • Flows from 7 to 20 gallons per minute based on filter size
  • 20 year filter warranty
  • 3 year ozone generator warranty




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